True Health First Steps

We are living in unprecedented times.

The long-term consequences of living contrary to God's perfect will are being dramatically demonstrated on a global scale.

Disease and suffering were not part of God's original plan in Eden. (Ge 1:31)

Disease and suffering are not part of God's future plan in Heaven. (Rev 21:4)

God, being love, wants everyone to experience true health. (Jer 29:11, 3Jn 1:2)

God warned of pestilences in the blessings and curses announced to Israel. (Dt 28:15,21,60,61)

Jesus foretold of pestilences in the last days. (Mt 24:7)

Disease and suffering are the natural result of disrespecting God's loving, protective laws. (Gal 6:7)

God, being just, allows people to exercise their own free will to follow Him or not. (Jos 24:15)

When in true harmony and unity with God, we are protected from disease and suffering. (Ex 15:26, Dt 7:11-15, Ps 91:1-16)

People everywhere need to take first steps toward true health. (Jn 4:23)

The first steps are the most important.

Start on the right path.

True health is not a new path. (Ecc 1:9,10, 1Jn 2:7)

True health is an ancient path, that needs to be restored. (Isa 58:12)

We cannot trust our navigation. (Pr 14:12)

We cannot trust our feelings. (Jer 17:9, Mk 7:20-23)

We cannot trust our imagination. (Jer 7:24)

We cannot trust our dreams. (Jer 29:8)

We cannot trust our thoughts. (Isa 55:8,9)

We cannot trust our strength. (Zec 4:6, 2Co 12:9,10)

We cannot trust the majority way. (Mt 7:13,14)

We cannot trust tradition. (Mk 7:5-13)

We cannot trust what is popular/fashionable. (Ro 12:2)

We cannot trust what is politically correct. (Ac 5:27-29)

We cannot trust worldly wisdom. (1Co 1:19,20, 1Co 2:5, 1Co 3:19,20, Isa 44:25)

We cannot trust worldly teachers. (Jer 17:5, 2Ti 4:3,4)

We cannot trust worldly science. (Ps 14:1, Isa 8:20, 1Ti 6:20,21)

We cannot trust worldly religions. (2Ti 3:1-5)

Believe and Trust in God.

We must believe and trust in God. (Pr 3:5,6, Mic 6:8, Heb 11:6)

God is the Creator and Designer. (Ge 1:1,27)

God is the Sustainer. (Ac 17:28)

Follow Jesus.

Jesus is God the Son. (Mt 1:22,23, Lk 1:31,32)

Jesus is our Saviour. (Mt 1:21, Jn 3:16, Ac 5:30,31, 1Jn 4:14)

Jesus is the Ultimate Power. (Mt 28:18, Heb 1:3, Heb 12:2, Rev 1:8)

Apart from Jesus, we have no power. (Dt 8:3, Jn 15:5, Ac 3:12-16, Ac 4:9,10)

Jesus wants to give us true health. (Jn 10:10, Heb 7:25)

Jesus wants us to see the right path. (Rev 3:18)

Jesus wants us to follow Him. (Mt 11:28-30, Jn 14:6, Ps 85:12,13, Jn 10:27, Jn 12:26)

Follow the Bible.

The Bible is God's word. (1Th 2:13)

The Bible is truth. (Jn 17:17)

The Bible is a light for our path. (Ps 119:105)

The Bible's Old and New Testaments are God's two witnesses. (Jn 5:39, Rev 1:1-3, Rev 11:3-12)

God magnifies His word to the highest height. (Ps 138:2 last part, Mt 24:35)

We are not to add to, or subtract from, God's word. (Dt 4:2, Dt 12:32, Ps 12:6,7, Pr 30:6, Rev 22:18,19)

In Jesus, all of God's promises are sure. (2Co 1:19,20, Jos 23:14, Ps 89:34, Ro 4:21, Heb 10:23, Rev 21:5)

True health begins in your heart. (Jer 29:13, Pr 4:23, Eze 36:26, Heb 8:10)