True Health Introduction

True health is a top priority. (3Jn 1:2)

True health is saving health. (Ps 67:1,2)

True health includes freedom from disease. (Ex 23:25)

True health includes freedom from heavy burdens. (Mt 11:28-30)

True health includes freedom from sin. (Jn 8:34-36, Ac 3:19, 1Jn 3:4-6)

True health is more than physical health. (Ro 14:17, 1Ti 4:8)

True health includes mental health. (Pr 17:22, Pr 15:13, 2Ti 1:7)

True health includes spiritual health. (Eph 5:18, Eph 6:11,12)

God created us as an indivisible unity of body, mind, and spirit. (Ge 1:27, Dt 6:4, Jn 4:24, 1Jn 4:2,3)

It is crucial to understand that our physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are intimately inter-twined, inter-related, and inter-responsive.

True health is wholistic (whole-istic).

True health is more than adequate health. (Isa 40:31)

True health includes abundant health. (Jn 10:10 second part)

True health is more than temporal health. (2Co 4:18)

True health includes eternal life. (Mt 16:26, Lk 20:37,38)

As such, true health is more valuable than all else. (Mt 13:44, Mt 13:45,46)

True health is more than personal health. (Mk 10:44,45, Ro 12:10, 1Co 10:24)

True health includes family health. (1Ti 5:8)

True health includes church health. (1Co 12:26,27)

True health includes community health. (Mt 5:16)

True health includes national health. (2Ch 7:14, Ps 33:12, Pr 14:34)

True health includes world health. (Isa 11:9)

True health includes universal health. (Eph 1:10)

True health rescues others. (Isa 58:6, Pr 31:8,9, Jer 22:3, 1Jn 5:14-16)

True health shares with others. (Isa 58:7, Ac 20:35, Php 2:3,4 last part, Mt 25:31-40)

True health requires unity. (Mt 12:25)

Like everything else in God's creation, we are designed to work with others.

Like everything else in God's creation, we are designed to benefit others.

We must all recognize that we are a part of something bigger.

True health includes humble, selfless service. (Mt 20:27,28)

True health is trust in God. (Ps 91:1-16, Ps 125:1, Pr 3:7,8, Isa 26:1-4)

God's physical, mental, and moral laws are all manifestations, in His creation, of His just and loving character.

True health is harmony with God's laws. (Ex 15:26, Dt 4:5,6,40, Dt 7:12-15, Pr 3:1,2, Rev 12:17, Rev 14:12, Rev 22:14)

All of God's laws are health laws.

True health sees symptoms. (Pr 29:18)

True health addresses root causes. (Gal 6:7)

True health focuses on prevention. (Eze 3:17,20,21, Ex 20:3-5,7,13-17, Lev 11:1-3, Lev 11:9, Lev 11:27-33, Dt 23:12,13, Pr 2:11,12, Pr 6:27,28, Eze 33:2-9, 1Co 4:14, Heb 11:7)

True health includes restoration. (Lev 26:10, Isa 58:11,12, Isa 42:22,23, Isa 51:3, Isa 61:4, Jer 6:16, Am 9:14,15, Lk 6:9,10, Lk 19:8,9, Gal 6:1, Jas 5:20)

True health does not immediately cancel the consequences of our past mistakes. (Gal 6:8, Ps 38:3-5)

However, it will continually lessen and eventually remove all harm. (2Co 5:17, Mt 19:26) (Isa 35:4-6, 1Co 15:52,53, Rev 21:4)

True health does not stop persecution by our enemies (direct and indirect). (2Ti 3:12, Gal 4:29)

However, it will continually bless our enemies and eventually remove their harm. (Mt 5:43-45) (Isa 11:9)

True health includes true education. (Ex 34:7, Dt 6:6,7, Ps 78:1-7, Pr 22:6, Mt 19:14, Eph 6:1-4)

True education develops a personal relationship with Jesus. (Jn 17:3, Hag 2:7 desire of all nations, Jn 12:32,33)

True education develops godly character, restoring the image of God in us. (Ps 4:2-5, Ps 12:1, Ps 23:3, Isa 49:6, Jer 30:17, Ro 8:29, Ro 12:2, 2Co 3:18, Eph 4:11-13, 2Pe 1:4)

True education develops practical, business skills. (1Th 4:11,12)

True education trains for missionary work. (Ps 96:2,3, Ps 105:1, Isa 6:8, Mk 13:10, Jn 17:18, Rev 14:6)

True health is revealed from and consistent with the written truth, the Bible. (Nu 23:19, Ps 119:160, Jn 17:17, Jn 18:37, Tit 1:2, Heb 6:17,18)

True health is revealed from and consistent with the Living Truth, Jesus. (Jn 14:6)

True health is revealed from and consistent with the standard of truth, God's law. (Ps 119:142,151, Isa 8:20)

True health glorifies God. (1Co 10:31, 1Co 6:19,20)

True health is the central theme of the three angels' messages. (Rev 14:6,7)

True health bears much fruit. (Jn 15:5,8, Mt 13:3-8, Gal 5:22,23)

True health is a gift from God. (It must be obtained.) (Ecc 3:13, Ecc 5:18,19, Mt 7:11, Jn 4:10, Ro 6:23, Gal 2:21, Eph 2:8)

True health is found in Jesus. (Mal 4:2 compare Ps 84:11, Mt 4:23, Jn 10:10 second part, Jn 15:4-6, Lk 4:18, 1Co 1:18, Gal 2:20, 1Pe 2:24)

True health is simple. (2Co 11:3, Mt 18:3,4)

True health is accessible to all people. (Jn 6:37,40, Jn 7:37, 2Pe 3:9)

True health's first steps are repentance and conversion. (Isa 6:10, Lk 24:45-47, Ac 3:19)

Repentance - "Real penitence; sorrow or deep contrition for sin, as an offense and dishonor to God, a violation of his holy law, and the basest ingratitude towards a Being of infinite benevolence. This is called evangelical repentance and is accompanied and followed by amendment of life. ... Repentance is the relinquishment of any practice, from conviction that it has offended God." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

True health is a daily practice. (It must be maintained.) (Lk 11:3, 2Co 4:16, Jas 1:22-25)

True health is a crucial personal choice. (Jos 24:14,15)